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Boston Celtics

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8/10/10 02:06 pm - bostondave - Celtics 2010-2011 schedule

2010-2011 Regular Season Schedule

8/4/10 05:10 pm - bostondave - Shaq attack!!!

Celtics sign center Shaquille O'Neal

8/3/10 05:18 pm - bostondave - Can you dig it????

Shaq to the Celts??? It looks more and more likely to happen.

Too bad this didn't happen about 5-10yrs ago.

7/12/10 07:59 am - bostondave - Josh Howard to the Celts?????

Report: C's show 'serious interest' in Howard

Tony Allen signs with Memphis..... Not good... Not good at all...

7/8/10 01:18 pm - bostondave - Jermaine O'Neil signs

Just heard on WEEI, that the Celts signed Jermaine O'Neil. Blah. I would have preferred them to sign Shaq.

Celtics get Jermaine O’Neal

7/8/10 05:23 am - bostondave - Ray Allen re-signs!

Allen decides to remain with Celtics

We're bringing the band back together....Next year is all or nothing....

7/2/10 09:06 am - bostondave - Celtics, Pierce reach agreement

Celtics, Pierce reach agreement No surprise....Good news

6/30/10 01:27 pm - bostondave - Doc to return...

Source: Doc Rivers staying

Ainge: We’re still negotiating with Pierce

6/30/10 05:26 am - bostondave - Pierce opts out

Pierce opts out
Is this good or bad???

6/18/10 12:21 am - thebolt - ...damn...

I will always wonder if the rebounding, and thus the game, would have been closer with more Kendrick and less Big Baby. That's the way the sports world works though. Wake me up from my hibernation when the football season starts.
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